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Video package for PCW's biggest PPV

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Video package for PCW's biggest PPV

Postby KaiserGlider » Sep 29, '19, 11:42 pm

Two Months Ago...

In the PPV main event, PCW Champion Nick Foster stands face-to-face with challenger Amos Hess as fans are going nuts for the most highly-anticipated title match in the company's history. Both competitors go to their respective corners with the ref directing traffic in the middle of the ring. As soon as the bell rings, Daz's music hits.

Cage: What the hell? What's Daz doing out here?

The Hall-of-Famer slowly saunters down the ramp, making his first appearance since being destroyed by Hess at the previous PPV, Absolution - the match that prompted Foster to challenge Hess in the first place.

Both men look at Daz in confusion. He jumps on the apron with the apparent intention of getting in the ring and going after Hess for retribution. Foster stops him and tells him to wait until later. Meanwhile, Hess is stalking the champion, seemingly unconcerned with Daz. As soon as Daz steps down from the apron and Foster turns around, Hess levels him with a devastating Field Plow.



As soon as he delivers the move, Hess scrambles for the cover. The referee is as shocked as everyone else is, but has no choice but to do his job and count to three. Foster does not kick out. The bell rings, but the only sound in the arena is Hess's theme "In the Sweet By and By" playing over the loudspeakers. The fans are all too stunned to speak.

"There's a land that is fairer than day. And by faith we can see it afar"


Alex: Amos Hess is our new world champion! What does this mean for PCW?

Daz walks back up the ramp, never looking back. Foster has now recovered a bit, trying to piece together what happened, on a day that has now become the worst of his life.

"In the sweet by and by. We shall meet on that beautiful shore"

The scene now shifts to the next episode of Onslaught, inside Hess's church, where he is delivering a sermon to his followers. In the front row sit Theodore Barry, Sean Knight, The Master, Hiroshi Sato, and other wrestlers recently converted by the self-proclaimed "savior"

Hess: It took ONE move. Only ONE move for me to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

"We shall sing on that beautiful shore. The melodious songs of the blessed. And our spirits shall sorrow no more. Not a sigh for the blessing of rest"

Hess: But I do not care for material possessions that are useless in the eyes of The Lord. That is not why I am here. Nicholas Foster was a fool, and this... this is fool's gold.

Hess brings out his old donkey "Jake" and puts the belt across Jake's neck, refusing to wear it himself. Hess's brainwashed followers applaud him, while the fans inside the arena loudly boo the disgusting act.

Cage: The belt went from one ass to another!

The camera shifts to PCW Commissioner Mark Thomas' office, where a group of angry PCW superstars, both babyfaces and heels, are lined up to confront him after watching Hess's speech. They complain about the lack of respect shown by Hess to both the championship and the company, and tell him to do something about the situation. Thomas shares their frustration, but tells them that whey will all have the opportunity to take the belt from Hess when they compete in the 25-man Escalation Match to determine the #1 contender for the PCW World Championship at the biggest PPV of the year.

Fast-forward to the Escalation Match a few weeks later, where Andrew Logan enters at #25 and manages to survive until the final two.

Cage: Andrew Logan! Shane Evans! One of these men will face Hess for the World Heavyweight Championship!

Highlights are shown of the intense battle between the two athletes, but in the end Logan manages to back-body-drop Evans over the top rope as the crowd explodes in cheers.


Alex: But there's one man standing at the summit of that mountain, and that's the undefeated Amos Hess! Andrew road to redemption is about to get even steeper!

The following night on Onslaught, Andrew Logan opens the show with a big celebration and calls out Hess for a confrontation, but the self-proclaimed "A-Lister" Zaid shows up instead.

Zaid: We have one thing in common. Last year, I also entered the Escalation Match at #25. The difference is, I earned that spot! You didn't. Surely I can't be the only one who thinks it's a little suspicions that Andrew Logan of all people entered last...

Andrew calls bullshit on Zaid's accusations and challenges him to a match later on. Zaid agrees, but throughout the rest of the show he goes around collecting signatures from various PCW superstars who agree with him that an investigation should be launched to make sure Logan entered at #25 without any shenanigans involved. Finally, Zaid brings the signatures to Commissioner Mark Thomas's office. Thomas is conflicted at first, but seems surprised at the number of signatures, and tells Zaid he will think about it.

In the main event, Logan beats Zaid. Afterward, Mark Thomas comes out to the ring and tells Logan that at the request of many PCW employees, he has decided to go ahead and launch a formal investigation into Andrew Logan being the #25th entrant in the Escalation Match.

Alex: Thomas made the right call. We need to get to the bottom of this. If Andrew's innocent, then he has nothing to worry about!

Cage: How is Andrew supposed to focus on Hess with this controversy hanging over his head?

Andrew has a concerned look on his face as he looks at his sister Alexa, seemingly having doubts that he has nothing to worry about. He fails to notice Amos Hess sneaking up behind him and blindsiding him with a Field Plow to close the show.

Next week, a grim mark Thomas brings Andrew and Alexa out to the ring and tells them that his investigation has concluded. He announces that someone had indeed fixed Andrew Logan's entrant number, and that person is none other than former WCSF authority figure David Logan. Andrew and the fans are both shocked and disgusted, as David Logan's music hits and he makes his return.

David: I'm sorry, Andrew. But I don't regret what I did. Truth is, I've been working behind the scenes and pulling strings for you ever since you stepped foot in PCW, and I don't regret any of it. Family will always take care of family.

Andrew: No. Ever since I stepped foot in PCW, I've bled, sweated, and worked my ass off to reforge my trust with these people, bury my past, start over, and prove that I'm the best in the world without your help! I don't need you to go around sabotaging me anymore! Get the hell out of my ring, DAD, and get the hell out of my life!

David Logan looks genuinely hurt by his son's words, but Mark Thomas isn't moved. He turns to Andrew and with a stern expression says:

Thomas: Maybe you weren't aware of his involvement. Maybe you were. I don't know. But what I do know is... you are no longer the #1 contender for the PCW World Heavyweight Championship.

After dropping this bombshell, Thomas walks out of the ring, leaving the Logans stunned. Hess is heard laughing with his disciples in the background.

Andrew doesn't give up though, and on the following week's Onslaught he confronts Thomas in the middle of the ring, cutting a passionate promo.

Andrew: Don't ask me if I deserve another chance. Don't ask my father. Don't ask my sister. Ask... THEM!

Andrew points around at all the fans in the arena, and they all cheer him at the top of their lungs. It's undeniable that he has become the most over babyface in PCW. Thomas doesn't say anything for a while.

Thomas: A triple threat #1 contender's match has already been schedule for tonight. But as of right now... that match just became a fatal-4-way. Good luck.

The crowd explodes; Andrew is back in the game. Later on that night, he battles three of PCW's best stars and manages to come out on top in one of the most impressive performances of his career.


But Thomas heads to the ring with a microphone in his hand and announces that while Andrew has indeed secured another shot, it will be his LAST shot. Because if he doesn't beat Amos Hess, we will never compete for the PCW World Championship again. An exhausted Logan looks down at the mat, contemplating the gravity of the announcement.

David Logan’s voice now narrates the video package.

David: Look around you, son. Take a good look at that locker room.

Black-and-white images of Andrew having tense backstage confrontations with former WCSF stars such as Omega, Spencer Miller, and Kaiser Cavanah are shown.

David: Nobody likes you. Nobody trusts you.

More black-and-white images of Andrew talking to Daz, Mark Thomas. They have suspicious looks on their faces.

David: Fact is, I’m the only ally you got in this place. Family will always take care of family.

Amos Hess, Theodore Barry, and Sean Knight are all beating down Andrew Logan inside the ring, when David Logan runs down with a steel chair and chases the heels out. When Andrew comes to his senses, he sees his father standing over him with a hand extended. Andrew rises to his feet using his own power, looks at his father for a moment, then shakes his head and leaves the ring. But David smiles, knowing he is getting closer.

David: Fact is, Hess has got plenty of allies. And you better believe he’s willing to do anything to stay on top. Maybe it’s time you start thinking the same way. I know you can do it. You've done it before. When you were champion.

Later, father and son are having a tense face-to-face confrontation in the middle of the ring. David, microphone in hand, speaks directly to Andrew.

David: Fact is, without my help… YOU CAN’T… BEAT… AMOS HESS.

As the pressure continues to mount on Andrew Logan, we see clips of Hess’s reign of terror. Every times he comes out, the title belt is draped across the neck of his donkey Jake, and the champion seems oblivious to the downpour of boos directed at him. Every week it seems like more and more people show up at Hess’s church, and the feeling of paranoia grows inside the PCW locker room. Hess’s voice now narrates.

Hess: Andrew, you seek salvation in the hearts of these people, as they do in yours. But I know who these people truly are. They are but lost sheep, flocking from one pasture to the next, fueled by greed, lust, fear. The only salvation you should seek is that of The Lord, and I am His shepherd.

Hess’s path of destruction is highlighted. Every superstar to come across his path from Omega to Matt Sears to Daz to Nick Foster has been decimated; nobody has been able to knock Hess down a peg since he came to PCW.

Hess: Sometimes, it is hell trying to get to heaven. I am the heaven. I am the light, the hope, the salvation. But I am also the hell. And anyone who opposes me, anyone who turns their back to The Lord’s light will suffer the same fate.

The highlight reel of destruction speeds up.

Hess: Field Plow…

The Field Plow compilation gets even faster as we see superstar after superstar get flattened by the most devastating move in all of wrestling.

Hess: Field Plow…

On the final Onslaught before the PPV, Hess and Andrew Logan are having a staredown in the center of the ring, and the fans are on their feet, unable to contain their anticipating any longer. Finally, all hell breaks loose and the two opponents start brawling as the crowd goes nuts. Andrew unleashes such a flurry of punches that Hess finds himself stunned for a moment. The Thoroughbred takes advantage of this opportunity and bounces off the ropes, looking to knock the big man off his feet. But Hess meets him with a


Hess stands over the twisted and motionless body of his opponent as Alexa screams at ringside.

Alex: Who the hell is gonna stop Amos Hess? He’s undefeated, he’s 400 pounds, and all it takes for him to END any match is one move. One move that can come out of nowhere. The most dominant champion in the history of this business!


The final sound of the video package is Hess’s creepy laughter.

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Re: Video package for PCW's biggest PPV

Postby Everlong » Oct 27, '19, 3:41 pm

I don't remember when this was, or did you just write this?
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