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Booking SummerSlam

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Booking SummerSlam

Postby The Legend » Aug 10, '19, 10:42 am

Cruiserweight Championship – Drew Gulak (c) vs Oney Lorcan

This match is a great opportunity for WWE to showcase the cruiserweight in a different light with two guys that are much more physical and brawlers instead of high-flyers. They need to take advantage of that and let these guys brawl a bit on the outside as well as just go after each other inside the ropes. Gulak should retain after a strong, hard-hitting battle with a finisher and a clean pinfall.

Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt

This incarnation of Bray Wyatt is more entertaining than he’s been in years and maybe the best character he’s ever portrayed. Finn Balor is set to take some time off and WWE needs to take advantage of that. Wyatt needs to go all in on his character and let him have a strong showing, I’d also use some tricks, he’s been appearing in the ring after the lights go out, I’d twist that and have the lights go out mid-match when Balor was about to go on the attack and then Wyatt turns the tables and gets the win.

Once Balor returns I’d have him return with the Demon gimmick and beat Wyatt at Survivor Series. Then I’d have Wyatt give Balor his first loss in the demon get-up at WrestleMania this coming year.

US Championship – AJ Styles (c) vs Ricochet

This is a tough match to figure out what to do. Ricochet can and should be a star, but Styles just got the belt and with the new stable it’s far too early for him to lose the belt. So ultimately, they need to come up with a solution that protects both of them. I’d have Ricochet get his offense in early before Gallows and Anderson get involved and distract the challenger. Styles has to throw everything he’s got at Ricochet and have Ricochet kick out over and over until he finally prevails with a Styles Clash off the top rope.

Goldberg vs Dolph Ziggler

Why? Seriously, why did Goldberg have to get involved in SummerSlam? I’m not sure his name carries enough weight to overcome the stench of his last outing and there’s just not enough to validate the use of him when you consider Miz or Michaels would have given a chance for the match of the night. That being said, Ziggler needs to win this match handily. He needs to continue to be vicious and channel his own legend killer gimmick to tell a story and carry a match that makes up for ALL of Goldberg’s shortcomings. He should overcome Goldberg, Michaels and Miz all trying to cost him the match and still get the win.

Trish Stratus vs Charlotte Flair

I’ll admit this is one where the playing to the past and the setting works. Telling this story of queen of the past and queen of the present is a good one to go with. Charlotte has gotten a ton of accolades and has a ton to her name to the point where I don’t think she needs to beat Trish for her legacy. In fact I think telling a story where she comes up short would be more compelling after SummerSlam. They should get a good showing with both getting their offense in, but I’d give the hometown pop to Trish winning here.

Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon

It needs to happen. Owens needs to beat McMahon and do it in a way that gets Shane off the screen for a while and out of the ring forever. I’d have McMahon go for an elbow through the announce table, but misses and then a popup powerbomb onto a trashcan that Shane tried earlier for a coast to coast ends the match with Owens winning.

SD Women’s Championship – Bayley (c) vs Ember Moon

Bayley’s reign has been fine, but it’s not really firing on all cylinders and something just feels off about it. Ember Moon has been criminally underused most of her time on the main roster and I feel like a shake up here would be the best option for everyone involved, Moon winning the belt would be something that would get people surprised and talking and I think they should run with that option in a card that doesn’t really lend itself to many title changes. You could even have Sasha cost her the belt if she’s ready to come back and that leads to a rivalry between the two that could be much more straight forward than past attempts.

WWE Championship – Kofi Kingston (c) vs Randy Orton

I’m tempted to say that it’s time for Kofi to lose the belt, but I’m not exactly sold that Randy Orton should be the one to take the belt from him. In the end, I think this match should just tell a nice story of the contrasting styles between Orton’s viciousness and Kingston’s speed and athleticism. Kingston should get the win cleanly.

RAW Women’s Championship – Becky Lynch (c) vs Natalya

I get it, Natalya is from Canada, but really this was the best they could come up with for Becky at SummerSlam. It’s crazy to me how hard the WWE is working to sabotage her saddling her with Lacey Evans and Natalya as challengers coming out of WrestleMania. Becky needs to get back to being a bad ass. She should just get this one over quick with a Disarmher that gets Nattie to tap out.

Universal Championship – Brock Lesnar (c) vs Seth Rollins

They really booked themselves into a corner with this one and I can’t honestly come up with anything interesting to do with this story. They’ve done this story so much we know that Rollins can’t realistically beat Lesnar head-to-head. I’d have Lesnar actually retain and continue the beatdown on Rollins, because he needs a serious reset after Lesnar’s stank got all over him.
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