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Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 33: Sim fed version

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Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 33: Sim fed version

Postby KaiserGlider » Apr 20, '19, 1:21 am

WWE Universal Championship Match
Goldberg © vs Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman


The unmistakable distorted screech of Brock Lesnar’s theme breaks the silence over the Florida Citrus Bowl, bringing the crowd to its feet.

The hulking Beast Incarnate appears at the top of the stage, wearing his sponsored black trunks and beanie and flanked as usual by his advocate Paul Heyman, who arrogantly straightens out his suit and looks out over the capacity crowd. Brock bounces up and down a bit to warm up, then unleashes his energy by bringing his arms down. Pyro and fireworks explode all around him.

Cole: Over 70,000 people in attendance for this much-anticipated rematch, because there is one number that has stayed in the head of Brock Lesnar since November: that number is one minute, twenty-six seconds. That is how long it took Goldberg to beat Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series. Then he eliminated Lesnar at the Royal Rumble. Brock Lesnar has not forgotten.

The former UFC Heavyweight Champion saunters down the long ramp, focusing on nothing but the fight ahead. Heyman proudly admires him as they make their way down, having eyes for no one but his client. Lesnar paces before the squared circle like a caged animal, then jumps up onto the apron and lets out a barbaric scream. Pyro erupts out of all four turnbuckles and fireworks crackle in the skies above the stadium.

Graves: You used the phrase “much anticipated”; I guarantee you no one on the planet earth has been looking more forward to this match than The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar.

Cole: Lensar struck Goldberg with an F5 on Monday Night Raw two weeks ago, but this past week Goldberg answered with a Spear outside the ring. Does Goldberg have Lesnar’s number?

Graves: You know Cole, despite recent history I remain steadfast in my belief: you don’t bet against The Beast.

Brock throws his beanie out of the ring and runs the ropes from one side of the ring to the other, displaying a terrifying amount of speed for a man his size. As soon as his music dies down, a familiar chant begins to build up amount the crowd—quiet at first but rapidly increasing in volume:

“Goldberg… Goldberg… Goldberg…”


The iconic drum beats echo throughout the huge stadium.


We see Goldberg’s dressing room backstage; someone knocks on the door. Not a second later the man himself bursts out, huffing with intensity. With the red Universal Championship belt around his waist, Goldbrg walks down the hallway with a squad of security guards following him. The champion looks focused, taking deep breaths in a steady manner.


Goldberg continues to navigate his way through the corridors as the camera shifts between him and Lesnar, who paces back and forth in the ring, eager to get the fight underway.


The drum beats and crowd chants crescendo as the WCW legend emerges at the top of the ramp amid a shower of silver pyro. Goldberg stands motionless in the midst of it, completely engulfed in sparks. His intensity boils over and he lashes out, punching and kicking the air, explosions going off all around him.


The Universal Champion marches down the long ramp, taking in the sights and sounds of Wrestlemania. He raises his right arm, prompting more pyro to erupt from the stage. Brock continues pacing nervously as his adversary steps through the ropes and uses them to do some last-minute stretching.

Byron: This man Goldberg may be the cover story for arguably the greatest comeback in sports entertainment history.

Cole: He beat Kevin Owens back in early March to win the Universal Championship and set this up as a Universal title match at Wrestlemania.

With both competitors now in the squared circle, the bell dings three times. Jojo gets ready to make the introductions.

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Universal Championship! In—

Before she can continue, Paul Heyman cuts her off. He shakes his head and takes the microphone from her, laughing in glee. He loves doing this bit.

Heyman: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, MY NAME… IS PAUL HEYMAN, and I am the advocate for… the challenger! Weighing in tonight at two hundred and ninety-five pounds, fighting out of Suplex City… the superhero-conquering Beast of Wrestlemania…

Heyman takes a deep breath and points to his client.


The epic introduction riles up the crowd and Brock bounces up and down, almost unable to contain himself any longer. Heyman hands the mic back to Jojo and she gladly finishes her job.

Announcer: His opponent… from Atlanta Georgia, weighing two-hundred and seventy pounds, he is the Universal Champion…. GOOOOLDBEEERG!

Goldberg does not take his eyes off Lesnar. The champion almost reluctantly hands his belt to the referee, who raises the title above his head for all the world to see. A graphic for the Universal title being on the line is shown on the screen.

Cole: The question tonight is can that man, Brock Lesnar slay his demon? The one man who has been a major obstacle in his career.

Graves: We’re about to find out – this one’s gonna be big, this one’s gonna be epic! The two titans colliding in front of us.

Byron: Two once-in-a-lifetime athletes with competitive fire enshrined in their DNA.

Brock is ready to go; Goldberg looks extremely focused, and we are underway.


As soon as the bell rings Goldberg goes for a collar-and-elbow tie-up. But Brock is a step quicker than his opponent and gets behind the champion, grasps him by the midsection and snaps off a German Suplex to a huge pop from the crowd.

Before Goldberg has time to stand up, Lesnar is right behind him again and grabs him by the gut, delivering a second German Suplex. At ringside, Heyman throw up two fingers as the crowd collectively shouts “TWOOO!”, elated by the electric start to the matchup.


Unlike at Survivor Series, Lesnar is not taking his opponent lightly tonight. Goldberg gets to a knee, but that’s all he can do before he finds himself being swung back for a third consecutive German Suplex.


Cole: And he delivers a triple German Suplex to Goldberg!

Lesnar springs to his feet and triumphantly roars at the crowd, letting them know that he has established dominance. But at that moment, Goldberg explodes from off-screen and flattens Brock with a SPEAR out of nowhere.

Graves: WOAH!!


Heyman is staring in shock with mouth wide open; he’s not sure what the hell just happened. Moments ago his client was dominating. Now his client is clutching his stomach in pain and stumbling around the ring..

Cole: And just when Lesnar thought he had Goldberg down, Goldberg turned the tables on Lesnar!

Looking to capitalize, Goldberg instinctively moves back into the corner and crouches down into a tackling position…

Byron: It could be déjà vu!

Lesnar gets to his feet. Goldberg’s ready for him. The former Atlanta Falcon charges full steam and runs down Lesnar with another Spear.

Cole: SPEAR!

The fans are buzzing all over the stadium, seeing Survivor Series 2016 play out all over again right in front of their eyes. But not quite - Lesnar rolls out of the ring. Or perhaps the momentum of the Spear caused him to fall out.

Byron: We could be on the verge of seeing Goldberg go 3-0 against Brock Lesnar!

Clutching his gut in agony, Lesnar crawls toward the barricade and drapes an arm over it, attempting to pull himself up. But little does he know that Goldberg rolled out of the ring and is now stalking The Beast Incarnate. The champion once again assumes the tackling position, measuring his target. Goldberg then charges and Spears Lesnar, both men crashing through the barricade and spilling into the timekeeper’s area.


The referee rushes over to check on the competitors as they lie in the wreckage and try to shake off the damage. We see a replay of the start to the match, when Lesnar hit three German Suplexes in a row and then got taken down by Goldberg out of nowhere.

Cole: Corey, what does Lesnar have to do!?

Graves: I have no earthly idea. Lesnar came out of the gates strong, delivering multiple suplexes. Goldberg visited Suplex City almost immediately, but recovered and has just taken the fight to The Beast.

Golderg is the first to make it back to his feet. He drags Lesnar with him, knees Brock in the gut for good measure, and then tosses him back into the ring.


Goldberg glances at the crowd, acknowledging their support and letting them know that he’s about to end this. He picks up Brock and hooks him in the front facelock. Then he raises an arm, calling for the Jackhammer.

Byron: What would this do to the legacy of The Beast Incarnate?

Graves: It would destroy his legacy, Byron.

Just before Goldberg starts lifting up his opponent, Lesnar has a sudden burst of energy and scoops up Goldberg in a fireman’s carry, looking for an F5. The crowd explodes in cheers; Heyman is ecstatic.


But before Brock can carry out the F5, Goldberg slides out and pushes Brock as hard as he can. Lesnar bounces off the ropes, and as soon as he rebounds Goldberg flattens him with yet another SPEAR.

Byron: Fourth Spear by Goldberg!

Graves: No way is Lesnar gonna survive that!

Heyman realizes this and cradles his head in his hands, helpless to do anything but bear witness to the doom of his client at the hands of his strongest foe - the one foe Brock Lesnar could never overcome. The fans also come to realize that this match is now a foregone conclusion, so the noise dies down a bit.

Golderg paces around the carcass of his opponent and raises his arm again, signaling that he is about to finish this rivalry with a clean sweep.

Byron: This almost superhuman response by the Universal Champion!

Cole: Goldberg closing in on a monumental win at Wrestlemania! Lesnar’s stunned, Lesnar’s in trouble!

With Brock having no idea where he is, Goldberg cinches in the front facelock and does a throat-slash gesture. He then lifts up Lesnar vertically and slams him down to the canvas, delivering the feared maneuver that has put away hundreds of opponents throughout WCW and WWE: the devastating Jackhammer.


Bill hooks the leg, the ref slides into position for the first—and probably last cover of the matchup.




Brock kicks out.



Goldberg is completely stunned. For once, a look of pure disbelief crosses the face of the grizzled veteran. He slowly gets up and backs away from Brock’s body, gazing at it in shock. Lesnar has life.


Every fan in the Citrus Bowl is on their feet and chanting enthusiastically. This isn’t Survivor Series after all. This is Wrestlemania, baby.

But it doesn’t take long for Goldberg to shake off the emotion of the moment and zone back in on the fight. He retreats into the corner and assumes the familiar tackling position again.

Byron: Goldberg smells blood!

Brock gets to a knee and stumbles around, trying to reach a vertical base. Heyman furiously pounds the mat, yelling and screaming at this client to wake up:


Goldberg’s piercing gaze is absolutely unflinching, laser-focused on his opponent like a hunter stalking his prey. He takes a deep breath and charges at Brock full-steam. Heyman desperately yells “BROOOOCK!” at the top of his lungs, the terror in his voice obvious.

For a split second, Brock comes to his senses. But once second makes all the difference in the world. He leapfrogs over the charging Goldberg, causing the Universal Champion to collide head-first with the second turnbuckle.

Cole: OH MY GOD! What a leapfrog by Brock!

The fans are left amazed by the feat of athleticism displayed by the 295 pounder. A dazed Goldberg tries to shake off the cobwebs, but Lesnar does not intend to let him recover. He grabs Bill by the midsection and manages to heave him back in a German Suplex.

Graves: Goldberg might have knocked himself silly in the turnbuckle— guess what Goldberg, WE’RE GOING TO SUPLEX CITY!

The crowd perks up at the unlikely sight of Brock turning the tables on Goldberg for the first time. Lesnar, despite the damage sustained, seems to be slightly rejuvenated after hitting the German. He gets to his feet before Goldberg does and wraps his muscular arms around Bill’s midsection again, able to deliver another German Suplex.


Cole: Definitely gonna be knocked silly now. Brock Lesnar’s had enough. Goldberg in trouble!

Heyman raises five fingers as the crowd joins in. Lesnar gets to his feet even quicker now and picks up the disoriented champion. German Suplex #6 connects.


Heyman is now strutting around ringside with a smile on his face. The tide is turning, and Goldberg is up shit creek without a paddle. Lesnar delivers his next German with authority, throwing Goldberg almost hallway across the ring.


Byron: Brock Lesnar trying to make Goldberg a permanent resident of Suplex City!

Somehow, Goldberg is still fighting to get to his feet. But he goes back down with every German. Brock hits an eight one now; Heyman raises that many fingers.


Lesnar pauses to catch his breath. His muscular chest heaves from exhaustion and sweat is pouring off of him. His face is purple. But despite all this, the former UFC star wills himself back to his feet and hits Goldberg with a ninth German Suplex.


The Universal Champion is unfortunate enough to land right in front of Heyman, who can’t resist taunting by pretending to hold his head in pain.

Cole: And this is beginning to become very reminiscent of the Lesnar destruction of John Cena a number of years ago.


The crowd begins a frenzy of “TEN” chants in honor of the self-proclaimed “perfect ten” Tye Dillinger. Lesnar looks around at the sea of over 70,000 fans who all have their hands up, begging him to visit Germany one more time.

Cole: They are looking for ten here in Orlando!

Byron: They are gonna get it!

Brock gets up, locks his bulging arms around the stomach of Goldberg, and heaves him back for a tenth time to a big pop from the crowd.


Cole: Ten Germans to Goldberg! And Lesnar is in his element!

The Beast Incarnate rises and gives off a primal yell, now fully powered up. Beneath him, the groggy champion keeps trying to shake the cobwebs from his head, but his resilience is not on the same level as that of his opponent.

Graves: The sword of Damocles is at the back of the neck of Goldberg, and everyone here in the Citrus Bowl can feel it.

Lesnar stares down at his greatest rival for a few seconds, allowing himself to relish this moment. He then picks up Goldberg in the fireman’s carry.

Byron: Goldberg got out of it once!

But not twice. Brock Lesnar screams one last time, spins Goldberg over his shoulders, and plants the Universal Champion into the canvas with an F5. He hooks the leg, and the ref counts.





Cole: Brock Lesnar is the new Universal Champion!

The capacity crowd pops for the victory as Lesnar’s theme song starts up again. Heyman rolls into the ring to take the belt and hand it to his client.

Announcer: Here is your winner and the NEEEEW Universal Champion… BROCK LESNAR!

Brock raises the belt to another pop from the crowd. He points to someone in the audience and then smiles at the job well done.

Cole: BROCK IS BACK. And on top of Raw!

Graves: Absolute dominance personified.

Heyman proudly looks on, and now that he’s closer to the camera we can see that he too sweated quite a bit during the matchup.

Cole: It took a little while for Lesnar to get going. But once he started ripping off the German Suplexes—ten in total—it was lights out Goldberg.

Byron: Brock Lesnar has erased the blemish that has haunted him.

Graves: His career could have been besmirched had he not redeemed himself tonight.

The new Universal Champion ascends the turnbuckles and raises the belt as the spotlight shines on him.

Written by FalconsFan and HeymanHustle. Adapted by KaiserGlider.

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