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2019 NFL Predictions

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2019 NFL Predictions

Postby The Legend » Sep 05, '19, 11:30 am

So I thought I'd throw in some NFL predictions before the season starts.

AFC East - The Patriots win this division, because, well duh, Brady and Belichick. They also will be the only team from this division to make the playoffs. Jets and Bills will be better, but mediocre is their ceiling and Dolphins are one of the five worst teams in the NFL.

AFC North - It's been 30 years since the Cleveland Browns have won their division (that would be the AFC Central since the AFC North didn't exist for another 13 years). But screw it, this is the Browns year and they cruise to the division title. The Bengals are in full on rebuild mode by the end of the year and teams will figure out how to stop Lamar Jackson and the Ravens this year as well. Pittsburgh will sneak into the playoffs with a wildcard spot - which is more a note on the lack of depth in the AFC than it is how good the Steelers will be without one of the best RB and WR in the league.

AFC South - This is the hardest division in the league to predict. All of these teams are reasonably solid, but have real flaws. All of them won't be able to live up to expectations, but guessing which that will be is difficult. I think the Texans survive as the lowest seeded division winner, just barely outlasting the much improved Jaguars.

AFC West - I would have picked the Chargers to beat the Chiefs for the division championship before Melvin Gordon's relationship went south with the team. I now have Kansas City winning the division, but the Chargers will still be a wild card team.

Wild card round - Browns beat Chargers, Steelers beat Texans. Divsion Round - Patriots beat Steelers, Chiefs beat Browns. AFC Championship - Patriots beat Chiefs.

NFC East - The NFC version of the AFC South, these teams all stink, but one of them will have to win it. I'm going with the Eagles as the only representative of the division in the playoffs. The Giants are one of the worst teams in the league and Daniel Jones won't fix that. Cowboys and Washington drown in average.

NFC North - This is hands down the best division in football and there's going to be some cannibalism because of it. Minnesota Vikings will rebound and win the division after suffering through their struggles last season. The Bears grab a wild card spot. The Packers struggles will continue into the early part of this season and while they'll get hot by end of the year it won't be enough.

NFC South - The Saints win the division. Carolina and Atlanta will be much better and will give them their difficulties, but New Orleans will get the job done and get their chance at revenge after the two most soul-crushing playoff losses in back to back years to happen to any team.

NFC West - The Rams will run away with this division because Jared Goff is just too good. Finally healthy for a full season, Jimmy G leads the Niners into the playoffs as a wildcard team.

Wildcard round - Saints beat Niners, Bears beat Eagles. Division round - Bears beat Vikings, Saints beat Rams, Conference Championship - Saints beat Bears

Super Bowl - The Saints beat the Patriots.

MVP - Drew Brees
OROY - Deebo Samuel
DROY - Nick Bosa
O Player of the Year - Patrick Mahomes
D Player of the Year - Myles Garrett
Comeback Player of the Year - Jimmy G
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