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Booking Super Showdown

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Booking Super Showdown

Postby The Legend » Jun 06, '19, 9:01 pm

The Usos vs The Revival – This feud has been mostly stupid, but there’s no denying these two teams can go at it and put on a show. As such, they should be able to let loose and just put on a good show without too many shenanigans. Usos should start out hot and get the upper hand until Wilder goes with a low blow and makes the tag to Dawson, who goes off on Jimmy and the Revival go classic heel tag team by isolating him and nearly getting the win before Jey gets the save. Jimmy fights back makes the tag to Jey, they hit a double superkick and win the match.

Handicap match – Lars Sullivan vs Lucha House Party – LHP ran off Sullivan on RAW and that was an odd booking decision. Still, Lars needs to get his momentum back right away with hitting a triple Freak Accident on all three members for a decisive victory.

Roman Reigns vs Shane McMahon – This match has the potential for the two biggest letdowns of the night/afternoon. The first would be Roman no-selling the two beatdowns he’s received this week. The second would be Shane winning yet again and positioning himself to appear on yet another PPV, the show simply doesn’t need him. Roman should start the match slow because of the beatdowns and sell some injuries, but eventually as a world champion contender he should still be able to overcome McMahon, even with help from Drew McIntyre.

IC Match – Balor (c) vs Andrade – Balor keeps finding himself in feuds with people with managers, which runs the risk of making for repetitive matches. Still, I feel like the time is right for Andrade to get some gold around his waist and Zelina should absolutely help him get it. Vega climbs on the apron with Finn’s belt to distract him, which allows Andrade to whack Balor in the back with a chair, hit his finisher and get the win.

Braun Strowman vs Bobby Lashley – What a weird match for this show, there’s next to no story besides a stupid arm wrestling thing that went sideways and both of these guys desperately need a win like nobody else on the roster. I’d play into that desperation and have Braun hit Bobby with everything he’s got, but Lashley manages to stay alive in the match and eventually defeats Strowman.

HHH vs Randy Orton – I couldn’t care less about this match or a result between these two competitors who have fought countless times. No, in order to make this match interesting, something else has to get involved. When it looks like Orton is about to win with an RKO, Elias sneaks into the ring and hits him with a guitar. After HHH wins, Elias sings a song to Orton about how Orton used to be the Legend Killer, but now it’s time somebody puts him out to pasture.

Universal Championship – Seth Rollins (c) vs Baron Corbin – Rollins wins this one cleanly despite Corbin’s best attempts to cheat his way to a victory.

Battle Royal – Aleister Black needs to win this match in dominating fashion.

Undertaker vs Goldberg – Both men realize that between jet lag and being way past their old man bed times they can’t fight and they just take a nap outside the ring instead.

WWE Championship – Kofi Kingston (c) vs Dolph Ziggler -- Dolph is doing fantastic heel work right now and this feud can’t just slip by as a one off. After a great match between both men, Dolph refuses to accept a loss and gets disqualified by throwing Kofi around the ringside area instead.
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